Welcome on board…

We are currently in Pylos staying the Winter out of the water doing some work at the boat. You can contact us at any time if you want to join us

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Gerhard about the Retreat

Melli about the Retreat

What is the DISCOVER joUrney Sailing Retreat?

There is no universial answer – you will discover your own joUrney!

Wind, water and sun in the outside open up the mirror for your journey.
The speed determines the nature. Your comfort zone will be challenged by living in small space, the questioning of what’s necessary and being Close to nature.  You’ll get the possibly to free yourself from belief sets, conventions, standards and more. You yourself have the helm where your journey leads you, how deeply you embark on the experience, and where your journey will lead you. We provide a Setting close to the nature inviting you to challenge your comfort Zone and learn to sail. There will be a vegetarian, sugar-free and alcohol-free diet. You will experience being in the Moment, without distractions and possibilitys to escape like cell phone, laptop, smoke or anything like that during the retreat.

Should I go on a DISCOVER joUrney Sailing Retreat?

If you are interested in the folowing aspects – YES!

  • get in touch with silence
  • get in touch with the power of nature
  • get in touch with your own superpowers
  • face and let go fears
  • get aware of norms and habbits limiting yourself and experience new ways to create your truth
  • discover the power of responsibility
  • leave your comfort zone
  • learn how to sail

Donations and Gifts of Money

You can contribute with things that are needed on board, wich are listet following the link below.
This list is only written in German a english  Version will come…

Was kann ich beitragen…

If you want do donate or give money to the project DISCOVER joUrney please use the following Bank Account

IBAN: AT06 1925 0653 1420 6200